About Folco Jewelers in New Bedford, MA

A Company Built on Family Tradition

Since opening its doors in the spring of 1940, Folco Jewelers has been owned and operated by 4 generations of Folcos, all of whom have been committed to quality and outstanding service. Our founder, Arthur G. Folco, realized his dream when—after training from the Rhode Island School of Design and the Watertown School of Horology—Arthur decided to put his goldsmithing, designing, stone setting and watchmaking talents to good use. Arthur's father Gabriel and his wife Aurora also joined the firm. Arthur was also the first television dealer in New Bedford. He attended the Gemological Institute of America, trained at the Longines Wittnauer factory and was a certified Bulova Accutron technician.

Arthur's son Gabriel ("Sonny") joined the firm and was trained by the Gemological Institute of America in diamonds, diamond setting and gem identification. Gabriel passed the stringent requirements to become a Registered Jeweler and a member of the American Gem Society. Gabriel was also trained by the Bulova factory. Gabriel's wife Mary Lou joined the firm to run purchasing, merchandising and buyer motivation.

Anthony D. Folco ("Tony") started in the store at 9 years old and became the youngest Certified Bulova Accutron technician at 16 years old. Tony is a Gemological Institute of America graduate and was trained in diamond grading and gem identification and passed the stringent American Gem Society exam to become a registered jeweler.

Tony's wife Grace joined the firm in 1984, specializing in merchandising, purchasing and customer service. Jennifer Sanders joined the firm in 2000, specializing in accounting and merchandising.

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